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Who is This Guy?

I am angry. And I am usually drunk.

I cried at Armageddon.

I live in New York City, and although the streets are not paved with gold as people say, you can occassionally find a discarded winning lottery ticket for, like, two bucks.

I hope to someday do this for a living (comment and point at Pop Culture’s misgivings) but until then I will make a Manhattan that will make you weep.

My name means nothing special.

I don’t know if I can make a career out of bar trivia machines.

And I always welcome comments and debate. And little chocolate donuts.



1. court - February 27, 2007

haha i like your wit.

2. doctorolove - February 27, 2007

Thanks! You can pick up some wit at Walmart…It’s in the back next to the Garanimals

3. Tracey - February 28, 2007

You’re great, but keep your day job. The world is teeming with wry cynicism punctuated with self deprecating humor these days.

4. doctorolove - February 28, 2007

Thanks for the advice Tracey….Though I prefer to think my self deprecating humor is punctuated more with cynicism…Anyway, I guess you’re right…back to the slurpee machine

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